Viktor and Peter

Peter Lipnik was outside taking a break when his friend, Viktor Adam stops by for a little afternoon delight. Our two beefy, young studs strip down to their underwear, sit down on the bed and get down to business. Peter is the first one out of his clothes; and, the first thing he does is stick his cock in Viktor’s face. Viktor complies quite eagerly and swallows every inch of Peter’s thick piece of meat. Viktor and Peter take turns servicing each other cocks until Peter decides it’s time for him to climb on top of Viktor and get some of Viktor’s long, thick cock up his ass. He slowly sits down, easing on to Viktor’s hugeness; but, once he’s in, Viktor starts fucking him hard from below. Peter’s eyes roll back in his head; you can tell he’s enjoying it. Lying back on the bed, Viktor pulls Peter’s leg back, shoves his cock back in and starts working Peter’s ass muscles from the inside out. Peter takes his cock in hand and starts stroking with the rhythm. He shoots a thick juicy load of jizz all over his stomach and smiles as Viktor pulls his cock out of his ass. Viktor kneels over Peter and jerks off a load of cum all over Peter’s ripped chest.

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