Stephan and Manuel

Manuel Scalco bumps into Stephan Raw at the gym and the attraction was immediate. After completing a workout together Manuel invites Stephan back to his place. No sooner does the front door shut than these two studs are all over each other; kissing, groping and ripping off each other’s clothes. Manuel pulls his cock from his shorts and Stephan drops to his knees. He sucks down every inch of Manuel’s thick, uncut cock. Manuel starts rocking back and forth; face-fucking Stephan’s mouth. He pulls Stephan over to the sofa and immediately goes to work servicing Stephan’s rock-hard dick. Stephan is soon face-first in the sofa, ass in the air with Manuel using his tongue to get Stephan’s hole primed for a good fucking. He slides his cock deep into Stephan’s ass and the pounding ensues. Stephan goes from riding Manuel’s cock to lying back on the floor, legs spread with Manuel fucking the hell out of him. Manuel stops fucking just as Stephan is ready to bust his nut and he starts sucking on Stephan’s cock. This is where Stephan loses it and blows his load, filling Manuel’s mouth. The creamy jizz runs out of his mouth and down Stephan’s shaft. Stephan enjoys the blowjob so much he returns the favor when he pushes Manuel back on the sofa and goes about finishing him off. His tongue works expertly and in just a few seconds Manuel fills Stephan’s mouth with his hot, juicy load.

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