Javier Cruz

Javier Cruz finishes the interview and immediately shoves his hands down his shorts. He pulls them off and begins rubbing the stiff piece of meat still confined to his underwear. Javier pulls out his uncut cock, lubes it up and starts jacking very slowly; enjoying each stroke. He turns and kneels onto the sofa. Reaching back, Javier grabs the lube and applies a generous amount to his asshole. His fingers begin probing his hole and soon he’s finger-fucking himself at the same time he’s jacking his dick. The more he works his ass, the harder his cock becomes and soon he’s ready for some release. Javier lays back on the sofa and focuses on jacking his meat. As he gets close, his entire body tightens up and his nuts practically disappear. His cock soon erupts, spewing a thick load of jizz all over his chest and torso.

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