James and Richard

James Huck pulls Richard Hicks in from the cold balcony and begins to warm things up. The two begin kissing and groping at each other the moment the door shuts behind them. In short order Richard is on his knees with James’ thick, uncut cock in his mouth. Richard’s expert tongue has James’ dick rock-hard in no time at all. The pair head over to the sofa where James returns some of that oral stimulation as he swallows up every inch of Richard’s dick. Richard moves to the floor, and lifts his leg to offer his tight hole to James. James pushes slowly at first; but when Richard’s hole is loose enough James begins to fuck him even harder. The faces Richard makes and his hard-untouched cock tells me he’s really enjoying getting his ass pounded by James. Richard ultimately winds up on top of James riding his cock and finally, he touches his own cock. He starts jacking his dick and James starts fucking faster. Richard loses it and blows thick loads of jizz all over the place. He slides back as James pulls his cock out. James grabs his dick and finishes himself off by coating Richard’s cock and balls with a load of his cum.

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