Freddie Gardea

Freddie Gardea makes return visit to Badpuppy and proves that he isn’t shy when there is a camera in front of him. Freddie just came back from running laps at the track, has showered and is ready to relax and do away with the tension of the day! Freddie begins rubbing his body, massaging his cock through his jeans and giving his cock, ass and balls a good once over. After removing his jeans, Freddie kneels on the sofa, takes his cock in hand and starts jerking. While stroking; Freddie begins playing his ass, then bending over, while reaching back to massage and finger his hole. Freddie lays back and begins a full jack off session while rubbing his tight body. Up on his knees again and then laying back on the sofa, Freddie cuts to the chase and brings it on home squirting a thick, juicy stream of jizz all over his tight, young body!

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