Endo Black

Endo Black makes a solo return to the Badpuppy sofa. Since his last visit Endo has been busy bulking up and working out. Endo stands up, pulls back his shirt revealing a chiseled set of abs and a well-defined chest. He spins around, spreading his legs, giving us a view of that hot ass. When he turns back around his cock is already rock hard and standing at attention. Endo grabs his thick piece of man meat and commences to jerking it. Bending over the sofa, he spreads his ass cheeks wide as if waiting on the camera man to come fill his hole. Lying back on the sofa, Endo spreads his legs wide, opens his hole and with wet fingers begins probing his asshole while he jerks his cock. He slowly finger-fucks himself while he pulls his cock; and, as he get close, he turns around on the sofa. Endo’s balls are tight; and, almost immediately his cock starts squirting creamy streams of jizz onto his tummy. Endo scoops up a little of his jizz and gets a taste of his own sweetness just as the camera fades to black.

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