Casper and Gerasim

Gerasim Spartak is relaxing in bed when boyfriend Casper Ivarsson gets home from work and Gerasim makes it obvious that he’s missed Casper. Casper slides onto the bed next to Gerasim and the two begin kissing quite passionately. Their hands explore each other’s bodies. Gerasim pulls up his shirt exposing his tight torso and chest. Casper goes right for his abs and kisses his way up to Gerasim’s perky nipples. Casper rips off Gerasim’s pants to find a very stiff cock waiting to be blown, and blow it he does. Casper all but gags trying to get Gerasim’s dick as far down his throat as possible. Gerasim reaches over and feels Casper’s rock-hard cock in his underwear. Pushing Casper back on the bed, Gerasim pulls off Casper’s shorts and swallows down every inch of Casper’s dick. Casper is soon on his knees with Gerasim aiming his cock at Casper’s ass. Gerasim pushes his cock in slowly as Casper gets used to his size. Gerasim gives Casper quite the ass-pounding until both studs are ready to blow. He pulls his cock out and coats Casper’s nutsack with a load of his thick, creamy jizz. Casper kneels next to Gerasim and finishes himself off spraying his cum all over Gerasim’s chest.

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